Hello! Patron badges go on sale at 10 AM on September 18th. We are using a new (hopefully better) Event Registration system this year – Tabletop Dot Events. This is the important part: In order to buy a badge, you must first create an account on Tabletop Dot Events.

We know that Patron tickets will go fast, so you need to create your account at Tabletop Dot Events first. To do so, go to their main website, click the “Log In” link at the top right side of the page, and create an account.

Patron tickets will be up at 10 AM. Turning the link on is a manual process for us, so it might be thirty seconds after 10 AM, but it will be as close to 10 AM as our little gamer fingers will let us type.

Again, go to the Tabletop Dot Events website, and create an account before 10 AM tomorrow.

Then, tomorrow morning, use this link to purchase a Geekway Patron Badge:

Good luck!


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