Hello fellow Geekway Fans! We are excited to announce that registration for Geekway Mini will occur on October 1. Registration will be available in two waves. 150 tickets will be released at 10 AM, and 150 tickets will be released at 7 PM. This gives you two chances to register for these limited tickets. There are only 300 tickets available for sale in total. We understand this means that the supply will not meet demand.

For $65 you get a 3-day badge to Geekway Mini, access to the Library, Play and Win, and Door Prizes.

Geekway Mini will be held from Friday, January 18 until Sunday, January 20, 2019. Yes, this is a three day event (regular Geekway is four). A hotel block will be available for attendees to stay on-site if they wish.

Registration will be handled through Tabletop Dot Events. As with the Geekway Patron tickets, an account on Tabletop Dot Events is necessary to buy a badge. Please create an account before October 1 to maximize your chance of getting a ticket. You can pre-load credit card information so that you can speed through checkout in a hurry. (We also have worked with Tabletop Dot Events to solve the issue of accidentally overselling the tickets – see the blog post here.) The direct link to the registration page on Tabletop Dot Events is:


We expect these tickets to sell out in moments. We encourage you to head to the registration page a few minutes before registration begins.

About Geekway Mini

Geekway Mini began in January of 2018 as a small-scale version of Geekway to the West. It happens at the Sheraton Lake Chalet at Westport – the same location that hosted Geekway for several years up until 2016. Geekway Mini is intentionally designed to be a much smaller event than Geekway to the West. While there are Play and Win games and Door Prizes, there are many fewer than at the main convention in May. There is no vendor area, there are no scheduled events, and the focus is entirely on open play.

We keep Geekway Mini small for several reasons, but the main one is that this was conceived as a way for the organizers to enjoy Geekway without the incredible stress of running a convention for 3000 people. We all have day jobs, you know!


Vicki Clements · November 5, 2018 at 1:51 pm

Is there a wait list I can be on for the mini?

    Mattie Schraeder · November 5, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    There is no waiting list, and the badge list for the convention has already been finalized. We are working on a badge transfer policy that should be posted soon ™ to give details on how to transfer a badge to another attendee should someone not be able to go.

    I’d recommend joining the Geekway to the West Slack server and keeping an eye on it. https://geekwaytothewest.slack.com I’d imagine if someone were to sell, it’d be happening there.

Stephen Cotter · January 10, 2019 at 9:24 am

This will be my and my wife’s first Geekway Mini (we’ve attended “Maxi” many times). Will there be a list of the Play and Win games made available before the con? I’m bad at reading rules while people are waiting on me so I try to read them in advance when possible so it would be helpful. Also could you give me an idea of how the library compares to the bigger con? I’m planning on bringing a bunch of games to share anyway but it would be especially helpful if there was a geeklist or collection on bgg so I could tell what I should or shouldn’t being. We’re driving in from Wichita, KS btw. ;o)

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