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Event Submissions

Do you have a great idea for a Geekway tournament, themed event, or meetup? We want Geekway to be YOUR con, and now is your chance to create your own piece of Geekway! Each year, Geekway attendees organize and run many of the events that all attendees enjoy. If you would like to organize and host a Geekway event, please see full details on our website. All event submissions are considered on a first-come, first-served basis, so grab your badge and submit those event ideas now! (And note that sign-up for all those events will go live later!)

Game Design Contest

Do you want to enter the contest and win a contract to have your game published? Would you like your game handed out to 3,000 (or more) attendees at Geekway 2021, generating instant social media buzz? Do you want to show your game off to publishers who come to one of the biggest board game conventions in the country just to see prototypes? If so, the Design Contest is for you! Please see more details here.

Among Thieves, designed by Geekway attendee Floyd Pretz, will be given to attendees at Geekway 2019.
Shogunate, designed by Geekway attendee Adrienne Ezell, was the design contest winner that was given to attendees at Geekway 2018.
Designers Jamie Miller and Kevin Manley designed the 2018 Design Contest winner, and the game will be given away at Geekway 2020.


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