We’d like to begin today by letting you know that Geekway is now 75% sold out! We will end ticket sales on April 1. As a reminder, we do not accept walk-up ticket sales. If you want to go to Geekway, better grab your badges now. There’s a reasonable chance we’ll sell out – and regardless, you won’t be able to get a badge after April 1. Grab your badge here!

Event Registration Going Live March 5

Barring some unanticipated circumstance, Geekway Events will go live for registration on March 5 at 10 AM (Central Time). Most of our most popular events sell out fast! If you want to sign up for a Double Exposure tournament, Battling Tops, Werewolf, Fancy Gaming, or other keen events, you’ll want to be ready on Tuesday morning. You must have a badge to register for events (so yeah, another good reason to grab one!)

Speaking of Events, Check out the Craft Fair!

Over the years we’ve had folks that have some hand-made game-related items that they want to sell to Geekway attendees. Some folks want to share their goods, but don’t want to go all in for a full vendor booth. The Craft Fair is made for you! This event is available for you to attend free of charge, or register as a seller for only $15. Find it in TTE and sign up now! (And please remember, buying and selling stuff is generally reserved for the areas we have designated for such activities!) (And also please remember that our logo is our trademarked – so ask for permission before you make your Geekway-themed goodies!)

Buy a T-Shirt

The annual Geekway t-shirt is always super popular, and you’ll see it all year long at events around the country. This year’s space-themed tee is designed by Geekway designer and heartthrob Mark Sellmeyer, and is as beautiful as ever. Even if you already got a badge, you can still order a shirt by simply going to your TTE profile and adding a shirt there. Shirts are only $15. We will have a few for sale at the Con, but the price will be $20. So come on! Shirt up!

(And please note that if you are a Patron, a t-shirt was NOT included in the swag this year – so if you want one, add it on now!)
(And see a picture of the shirt at the bottom of this email!)

Update Your Badge Info

Maybe you bought a badge for yourself and another for your buddy, but in your rush, you just put your name down for both badges. Do you really want to go the whole weekend wearing a badge that says “John Doe 2?” Of course you don’t! Go to TTE and update the name listed for each badge so you’ll be set and squared away, and we won’t spend hours digging for your badge at Geekway Registration because your real name’s not on it while 400 people wait impatiently in line behind you. Be a pal!

Badge Pickup / Transfer Information

The most common questions we get have to do with transferring a purchased badge from one person to another, and then picking that badge up at Geekway. So here are the guidelines:

  • If you bought a badge, it has your name on it, and you are picking it up yourself, no problem – just show up to Geekway with an ID and we will get your badge and put it right in your sweaty hands.
  • If you bought a badge for someone else and it has their name on it, please have them pick up their own badge by showing a photo ID. It really helps with the confusion of a badge missing when a friend or significant other picked it up as a courtesy a few hours ago!
  • If you bought a badge for someone else and it has YOUR name on it, don’t be a silly goose! Go change the name on that badge prior to April 1.
  • If you have decided you’re not coming to Geekway, you can ask for a badge refund prior to April 1. Or, you can change the name on your badge to a friend’s, and they can pick it up by simply showing their ID. No problem!
  • If you decided to give your badge to someone else AFTER April 1, they will need a copy of the registration email that you received, plus their own photo ID. They will need to pay a $5 transfer fee at Geekway and have a badge correction printed on-site.
  • If you’re bringing a kiddo under the age of 10, they don’t need a badge. But, we ask that you pick up a blank kid’s badge at Geekway and decorate it and put your contact info on it. That way, if they are deposited at lost and found, we know how to get in touch with you.
  • Finally, we reserve the right to change these instructions if things aren’t working for us (most notably the transfer option, which is new for us this year), but we promise to work with you and not screw you over. Geekway is by the people and for the people, man! We want you to be happy. 🙂

Other Stuff

  • We will post the Play and Win list sometime in April after we finalize which games will be available.
  • Watch Facebook and Twitter for news!If you want to run an event, there’s still plenty of time and space.
  • Simply log into TTE and click on “Host” and then “Submit Event.”Today, February 27, is Pokemon Day! So go grab your chuffleasauruspuff and get cranking!


Dave Snyder · February 28, 2019 at 7:01 pm


I would like to obtain a booth or table for my company at GttW 2019. I’m not sure how to register for the event. Can you send me an info packet or get me in touch with the proper person?


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