We’ve had a good number of people that have been surprised that we have closed sales for Geekway in April, when the convention is in May. To try and help these people out, we are going to offer a Second Chance badge sale this weekend. We will have 200 additional Geekway badges available, beginning at 8 AM tomorrow, April 12, and ending promptly at 8 AM on Monday, April 15. This will be your final chance to buy Geekway badges from us for Geekway 2019. These badges are not refundable.

You can go here to buy them. (But they won’t be available until Friday. And if/when they’re gone, they’re gone.)

We want to be really clear about this – we close badge sales when we do for a lot of really good reasons. We also don’t sell badges at the door. This has been our practice for a number of years. We don’t think this was a surprise, and we communicated on Facebook and by email. But, a few people pointed out that this was not apparent on the website. It is really important to understand that we will close badge sales early next year, too, and we won’t do a Second Chance next year. So, don’t think this represents a new normal or something.

Why do we close badge sales six weeks early? I will tell you, at the bottom of this email, if you care. But first, I have some other things to let you know, including:

  • \Where is my ticket for Geekway?
  • I bought a badge but I lost my email. Can you check if I have a badge?
  • How will I get my badge?
  • I bought a badge for someone else – how do they get it?
  • I bought a badge from someone else – how do I transfer it to me?
  • I bought a badge but I lost my email. Can you check if I have a badge?
  • How will I get my badge?
  • I bought a badge for someone else – how do they get it?
  • I bought a badge from someone else – how do I transfer it to me?

Your Badge is your Ticket

For some reason we’ve had a lot of confusion this year from folks wondering when they get their “tickets.” As with most conventions, there is no ticket, really. You are buying a badge, and you wear that badge while you are at the convention so that everyone knows you paid to be there. If you see someone wandering around without a badge, you should let one of us staff people know! We don’t want randos taking our stuff.

The Event software we are using also lets you sign up for Events. In the software, your entry for those Events is referred to as “tickets.” Maybe this is why people are confused. There aren’t any physical tickets for those, either. Just show up to the events you signed up for.

Can You Check If I Have a Badge?

Remember – all the badges are purchased via Tabletop Events. Try logging into that system and see if you have a badge under your account. If someone else bought it for you, you may not have it attached to your account – in that case, see “I bought a badge for someone else” below for instructions on what to do. If you are convinced that you bought a badge but you cannot find it, you can email us and we will try and look it up for you.

How Will I Get My Badge?

Again, this question has come up a lot this year. We will not send you a badge. You just show up at Geekway, find Geekway HQ, and stand in line and get your badge from us. You’ll need to show us a photo ID to get your badge. You need to pick up your own. No, your friend or relative can’t do it for you (unless you are a minor). You won’t be able to miss Geekway HQ, especially at 8 AM on Thursday morning. It will be the place with all the other people standing in line. Bring a snack. Sometimes the line gets long at first.

If you get to Geekway late and Geekway HQ is closed, it’s okay to hang out with your friends until the next morning when HQ opens back up. But you should get your badge first thing the next morning.

What if I bought a badge for someone else?

If you bought a badge for someone else, and you want to give it to them in the system so they can sign up for events, follow these steps:

  1. Your friend needs to sign up for a Tabletop Events (TTE) account. This won’t work till they do that.
  2. Once they have an account, click your name at the top of the TTE screen. Then click “Friends” on the right side. Then type their name or email. Click them. They will get an email which they must confirm.
  3. Once you are friends, you will see them in your friends list. You can click “Give” next to their name, and then choose the badge you want them to have. Voila, now they have their own badge and can sign up for events.

What if I bought a badge from someone else?

This is new this year. If you buy a badge from someone else, you arrange that between yourselves. Then they must send you an email that validates that they are giving you their badge. You will come to Geekway HQ and tell us the name of the person you bought the badge from. You must show us the email from them. We will then direct you to a little side station where we will destroy the old badge, and give you a new one with your name on it. We will charge $5 for this process to cover the cost of the plastic badge (they are not cheap, and we are rounding up because this is a pain). You will not be able to use their badge and just go around with it pretending to be them – your badge needs to have your name on it.

Ok, so tell me why you end badge sales so early!

The main reason is that we are somewhat fanatical about making sure that everyone has a badge with their name printed on it, for many reasons.

  • The social nature of the convention is important to us, and you want to know the name of the person you are playing with.
  • Having a name on everyone’s badge helps promote a safe environment.
  • We don’t want people to easily be able to buy one badge and then trade it to other people, in effect, letting several people in for one price.
  • It greatly simplifies notification of prize winners.
  • We are able to load names into our Play and Win and Library software so we can keep track of the games.

Of course, it takes some time to send the names out to the printer and make sure we have them back. Having done this a few times, we know that things can go wrong with badge printing, so we build in some time to allow for a quick reprint if necessary. We’ve learned that six weeks is the right amount of time to make sure this can happen.

The second reason is that knowing how many people are showing up is really important to making sure the convention runs smoothly. We think about how many copies of door prizes and Play and Win games we buy and we need to know how many of you are coming to do that. (In case you ‘re wondering, we target about one P&W copy for every 4 attendees.) We plan how many extra t-shirts we need to buy and how much other merch to order. We think about table arrangements and if we need extra space. We let the hotel and convention center know how many people to expect. There are lots of reasons we like knowing this information early.

The third reason is that we don’t want to go broke. We like to know how much money we are going to have in the bank when we make final plans. If the attendance numbers are unexpectedly low, we can make some adjustments to save a few bucks. We can’t do that if we are guessing how many people will show up.

And all those reasons are why we don’t sell badges at the door, also. We used to do that, when we were small, and it was just terrible. We didn’t know how many people to expect. We had to deal with cash at the door. We had random people show up thinking it was a video game convention. At some point we would actually sell out, and then people would be angry that they had driven to the event and couldn’t get in. It was bad news all around. Bad news makes us sad.

We really do try and listen to our attendees, because we want you to have fun. But we also want to keep the prices low (only $65 for four days – that’s pretty good) and we need to run a functional convention. Thanks for working with us.


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