Dear Geekway Community,

We are writing to give you updates on how we are responding to the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis that is gripping all of our lives these days.

First, let me say that we personally hope you are all safe and healthy during this time of intense stress. Several of us are physicians, with plenty of close doctor and nurse friends working the front lines in ERs and ICUs all over the country. Our hearts goes out to them as they keep us all safe, and also to all of you. We are so glad we all have board games to keep us sane and distracted while we are staying home. 

Obviously the Geekway crew has been staying on top of things as much as we can, and communicating frequently to determine next steps. As of today, March 27, 2020, Geekway is still on for the original dates in June. However, we do understand that this date is at major risk. It is our intent to have Geekway, even if that means we need to postpone to a future date.

Our plan was to wait until early April to make any decisions, because the venues (both the convention center and the hotel) were asking us to do this. However, the announcement by Tabletop Events that they are ceasing operations has caused us to accelerate our timeline. Here is the most important information for you:

1. If you know for sure that you want a refund, please use Tabletop Events to ask for the refund by April 15. Please note that TTE has changed their policy, and are now treating transaction fees as non-refundable. (This was not our decision.)
2. You can choose not to ask for a refund, and in that case, you will have a Rollover badge which is good for Geekway to the West (not Mini) no matter when it might occur. It might be in June, it might be later in 2020, or we might not be able to have Geekway this year at all and then it will be Geekway 2021! No matter when, your badge purchase will be honored and you will have a ticket to our event – even if prices go up for everyone else! 
3. If you currently hold a Patron badge, and you choose to roll over, you will get a Patron Rollover badge, along with all privileges that it currently holds (including early access to the hotel block).
4. Once we have clarity on when Geekway will be, we will notify everyone. If you cannot make the new dates for any reason, you may request a refund and we will honor it at that time.

We would like to request that as many of you as possible choose the rollover option. If we are forced to issue refunds to most of our attendees, we will run out of cash after honoring all of those refunds, and Geekway will not be able to continue. This is because some of the money that you’ve already paid us has been used to pay non-refundable Geekway 2020 expenses – venue deposits, game purchases, computer equipment, and the like. So, if you appreciate what we do, please do consider letting your badge roll over! To show our appreciation for those of you who choose to roll over, we will provide a special token of our appreciation at the next Geekway.

TL;DR: As of now, we are planning to leave Geekway as is. If you want a refund, go get one now. If you want to come to Geekway to the West in the future, just do nothing, and we will take care of you.

No matter what, we want to thank all of you – the community that has made Geekway so great over the years. We appreciate you and love spending time with you. We wouldn’t do this if that wasn’t true (there’s no money in it, clearly!) If you have questions or comments, please check us out on Facebook, or send us an email at

Thank you,Jay, Chris, Jeff H, Mark F, Marshall, Todd, Christy, Matt, Jeff F, Mark S, Erin, Jill, Mattie, Royce, Kristin, and Merlin


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