Hi everybody! What have you been up to? How was your summer?

We’ve been thinking about Geekway 2021, and also Geekway Mini, and figured we could give you an update on what’s up.

First of all, we are postponing Geekway Mini. Normally, of course, this would occur in January, and we would be telling you about the mad dash to registration right about now. But this year there is the matter of the pandemic, and so we’ve decided it would be best to hold off. We are scheduling Geekway Mini for October 15-17, 2021 – about one year from now. We still plan to have Geekway Mini 2022 in January, so the good news is there will be two Minis in pretty close proximity!

Second, we are discussing the possibilities for Geekway 2021. We will not have Geekway unless we have a good plan to do it safely. A game convention is pretty hard to pull off during a pandemic, given close proximity of everyone for four days, shared games being passed between hundreds of people, and an enclosed space. However, if vaccines are available (we hope!) and testing is more readily available (we hope!) then perhaps things will have improved enough that we can safely have it. We will make a decision for sure in early 2021. (For those Patrons who rolled over your admission, we will be in touch with you on how we will handle that later.)

We hope you are all doing well, both mentally and physically, and finding some time to play board games (safely) and do the other things you love.




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