Geekway started in 2005 in board game designer Jay Little’s basement. The first year, about fifteen people showed up to play games for a long weekend. A few short years later, the annual tradition had grown into hundreds of people gathering in a convention center to play their favorite games. Over the years, the convention has added a vendor hall with publishers hawking their wares, contests where gamers can compete for trophies in popular games, and a game design contest in which the winner is given a publishing contract. But the core activity is always the same: friends both old and new getting together to play board games for a few days a year.

Geekway LLC is a partnership of six owners and around a dozen volunteer board members. Geekway LLC puts on two large board game events each year, with a number of smaller one-day events scattered in between.

Geekway to the West

Geekway to the West is a four-day event that happens each spring just outside St. Louis, Missouri. Three thousand gamers spend four days playing games from their own collection as well as the extensive Geekway library. The signature event is Play and Win – the more times you play a game in Geekway’s 700-game Play and Win collection, the more chances you have to win it!

Geekway Mini

Geekway Mini is a small and local convention that takes place in January of each year, also near St. Louis, Missouri. The focus of Geekway Mini is just playing games – as such, there are no door prizes, vendors, or special events. Geekway Mini is also much smaller, with an attendance cap of only 400. The smaller venue and attendance cap means this event sells out very quickly each year, so keep an eye out for announcement for when tickets will go on sale.

Geekway Micro

Four times per year, Geekway partners with online superstore Miniature Market to host a Saturday game day in the Miniature Market retail space. Door prizes, Play and Win games, and a catered meal are part of the experience. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website, as well as Miniature Market’s website, for announcements for when the next Geekway Micro will take place!