The Geekway Craft Fair will be your opportunity as a gamer crafter to sell your wares and meet with other crafty gamers. The fair will begin at 10 am on Saturday May 18th and will go on until 2 pm. This is free to all Geekway to the West attendees to attend. All of the vendors/merchants will be gaming related but there are to be NO games sold at the craft fair. The Geekway Craft Fair is an all age’s event and all vendors/merchants will be all ages appropriate.

If you would like to be a vendor/merchant at the Geekway Craft Fair be aware that space will be limited and there is a $15 charge for the table/space. Geekway to the West is not responsible for stolen or lost items during the Geekway Craft Fair and it will be the responsibility of each vendor/merchant to monitor their table/space during the Geekway Craft Fair.

If you wish to apply as a vendor/merchant, please email Royce Anthony Banuelos at and include “Geekway Craft Fair – Vendor” along with your name or your shop name. Be sure to include what you plan on selling at the craft fair as well as any links to your website and/or pictures of what you sell. The Geekway board will review all submissions on a first come, first serve basis so sign up EARLY.Please note: All merchants are required to sell tabletop/gaming related items/crafts. There is to be absolutely NO games sold at the craft fair.

Examples of what would be a good fit for this craft fair are: Space type crafts, fantasy based crafts, video/board game related crafts, and crafts made from board game materials. Examples of what would not be a good fit for this craft fair are: overtly sexual fetish crafts, overtly religious crafts, games, and anything that could be deemed as hate speech. If you are unsure about if what you are selling will fit the criteria please email Royce Anthony Banuelos at

You can purchase your table today at Tabletop.Events.