Geekway Run Events

Play and Win

Play and Win is our signature event, and has been part of Geekway to the West since it was held in Jay Little’s basement. We will publish a list of our Play and Win titles as we acquire them.

Trade Table

The Geekway Trade Table event allows you to trade your used games for someone else’s used games! The Trade Table is a Geekway tradition and is a signature event on Saturday afternoon.

Battling Tops

Do you have what it takes to lay the smack down? Can you reach greatness and win the BELT??? Find out all about the fun of crushing your enemies in dramatic fashion in Battling Tops!

Fancy Gaming

Once a year attendees of Geekway to the West put on their fanciest clothes, meet their fanciest friends, drink the fanciest drinks, and play the fanciest games.

Game Design Contest

Don’t just play games, design them! This contest gives any attendee an opportunity to design a game for Indie Boards and Cards/Action Phase games. The winner will be offered a contract to have their game published and will be the “free” game at Geekway 2021.

Craft Fair

The Geekway Craft Fair will be your opportunity as a gamer crafter to sell your wares and meet with other crafty gamers.

Event Information

If you have an idea for a fun “Geekway Event,” this is your stop!

A Geekway Event is anything that is scheduled and organized to involve multiple plays of the same game in an organized fashion, or a single game that involves a large group and needs a specialized layout or space. Some examples of events are:

  • A multi-round tournament of your favorite game with a prize for the winner, like a single elimination Catan tournament for 16 people
  • A game that requires a big open space, like Two Rooms and a Boom or Werewolf
  • Giant versions of normal games, like Giant King of Tokyo
  • Things that just don’t fit into normal categories, like a gameshow format event

Over the years we’ve learned that some things might seem like events, but really aren’t for our purposes. Here are some examples:

  • Publisher demos (we have a vendor space for that, and publishers have access to a special demo area)
  • Regular games that just take big tables (like Twilight Imperium – just find some players and play it at Geekway on one of the big round tables)
  • Seminars and panel discussions, movie screenings (Outside our core area of interest)
  • Games with limited audiences (use something like Slack to find interested players and just play it)
  • Demos of your prototype

So if you think you have a good event idea, here’s the process:

  1. Make sure you are registered on Table Top Events (TTE) and have a badge for Geekway to the West.
  2. Read all of the “Event Guidelines” before submitting a new event.
  3. Click the “Attend” tab on TTE dashboard for Geekway to the West.
    • Under “Attend” click on the “Event Schedule”
    • Click the “Submit Event” button.
    • Fill out your event information.
  4. After an event is submitted it will be under review of the Geekway Board.
  5. Have fun and thank you for making Geekway to the West 2019 the BEST Geekway ever!
If you have any questions please email Royce Anthony Banuelos at