What is the Trade Table?

The Geekway Trade Table event allows you to trade your used games for someone else’s used games! The Trade Table is a Geekway tradition and is a signature event on Saturday afternoon.

Game Submission:

9am to 9pm on Friday

9am to 10am Saturday (please try to check in on Friday)

Trade Table Event:

11am to 5pm Saturday


Phone with text messaging service. Communication of the next pick will be handled via text. Each person entering the Trade Table will provide a number we can use to send a text indicating you need to come and make a selection. We can support ATT, Sprint, Verison, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, Cricket, US Cellular. At check in time your number will be entered into the spreadsheet along with Carrier and a test text sent to verify connectivity.

Game Submission

Bring quality games to trade (up to 5). No bundling, but expansions can be bundled with the base game. Some leeway on bundling games from the same family such as two versions of Ticket to Ride will be permitted. It will be determined on a case by case basis.

This year we will be much more stringent on keeping out games that will not get picked. So..no party games, copies of Geekway free games, Munchkin, decks of cards. If you are trying to trade your game because no one likes it, then its not going to make it into the Trade Table.

First Picks:

There will be 4 first picks. These will be sent out via text about 10 minutes before the start of picking at 11am. We will run 4 pick threads in parallel to offset the increased travel time for people to get to the room to make their pick

Later Picks

Each pick made will determine the next person to pick. When a game is picked, the person who submitted the game will get the next pick. A text will be sent out when the current picker makes a choice and the next person will have 3 minutes to get to the room to make their pick.

This means you can sit anywhere at the convention, BUT, it would be best to find a table nearest to room 101 as you can to minimize your travel time. Be sure you have service where ever you sit.

If the texted persona fails to show up in 3 minutes, a programmed choice will be made for them. The method under consideration is to choose a game from the person who submitted first. Once that happens, the next programmed pick would come from the second person who submitted games…and so on. If modelling indicates that method appears too error prone it will be replaced with a random game chosen by dice roll.

Final Picks:

When 5pm approaches, each pick will have the chance to end one of the 4 pick threads. Once all 4 threads are closed the trade table is over. The last 4 games piked whose owners did not get a pick will get a prize from Geekway.


Q: How many games can I submit to the Trade Table?
A: You can have up to 5 entries on the Trade Table.

Q: Can I bundle a stack of games as one entry?
A: In most cases, no you cannot. An exception is made for expansions to a base game. A single entry may include any number of expansions, as long as all games can be played together at the same time. For example, you can bundle Dominion and all of the expansions as a single entry, but you could not bundle Settlers of Catan and Settlers of the Stone Age as a single bundle.

Q: What if I think my games qualify as a bundle but the organizer disagrees?
A: If there is any ambiguity as to what consists of a bundle, you should assume they cannot. Jeff Hiatt will be the final arbiter and judge for all bundles.

Q: Do I have to be present for the entire 6 hours?
A: We will contact you via text message when it is your pick. You have five minutes to arrive for your pick. If your name is chosen and you are not available for your pick, a random game will be chosen for you.

Q: If I know I won’t be available, can my friend pick for me?
A: Yes! You can set up people to be your proxy for a pick. To do this, both you and your proxy should report to the Trade Table Command Center so that your proxy can be recorded.

Q: What condition should my submission be in?
A: All submissions should be complete and in fair-good (playable) condition or better. In the case of rare or out of print games that are missing components but still playable, you MUST clearly mark the game with what it is missing.

Q: Doesn’t the first person to pick get an unfair advantage?
A: The first person picked does get an ‘extra’ game because they choose first and when their own game is chosen, they get an extra game. This is why we use random chance to determine the first pick.

Q: The last person picked doesn’t get a game in return, what is this consolation prize?
A: The consolation prize is a gift certificate to one of our on-site retailers.