Geekway maintains a ‘real name’ policy for badges. This is not necessarily your legal name, but it should be the name that someone should shout to get your attention. This is not your online handle, your twitter account, or anything else with those connotations. It does not need to be your full legal name, but it does need to be your name. Both a first and a last name are required.

The name on your badge should be the one you use with coworkers, friends, your doctor, etc. Diminutives, derivatives, and long-established nicknames are all valid as long as they are what people use to address you in physical face-to-face spaces.

We do not require you to use a deadname publicly under any circumstances, and will only ask for it where necessary to validate credit cards for payment purposes.

Note: Geekway Staff reserves the right to disallow any names on badges that they feel are inappropriate or fail to meet these guidelines. These badges will be refunded without warning.

Some examples:
If your name is Alexander or Alexandra, it is perfectly fine to use Alex, Al, Alexa, Allie, Lex, Lexi, Xander, etc.

If you go by your middle name, please use it as your ‘First Name’ for badge purposes. I’m ‘Marshall Jansen’ on my badge, not ‘Kenneth’. In addition, I could change this to ‘Arsh Jansen’ but I could not be just ‘Arsh’.

Even if you do answer to a ‘handle’ type name when used in some circles, please do not use these on your badge.

While Geekway policy is that badge names should match names on Legal ID, this is not a strict requirement, and you can obtain your badge with your ticket receipt with no need to show ID. There is no requirement to register under a deadname.


Geekway is committed to diversity, inclusivity, and safety. For some members of our community, being misgendered can be hurtful. Misgendering an individual, accidental or not, can be a troubling experience, both for the person being misgendered, and the person doing the misgendering. Geekway will ask you for your preferred pronouns during the badge registration process. Pronouns will be visible on your badge. As board gaming requires communication between players, having pronouns visible in this way will improve not only the inclusivity and safety of our convention goers, but also cultivates better communication.

If your pronouns are not listed please reach out to us at and we will make sure your correct pronouns are on your badge. If you would prefer your pronouns to not be printed on your badge, please select “Prefer Not to Say.

If you have any concerns or questions about our Badge Name and Pronoun Policy, please contact us at