You suddenly realize you can’t come to Geekway. You’ve got a badge, but you don’t want it to go to waste – what do you do? Well, that depends!

Prior to the Badge Refund date (In 2020 that’s April 1 for Prime) you can transfer a badge to a friend just by logging in to TableTop dot Events, going to your badges, and editing the badge to change the name. If you don’t need the badge at all? Just get a refund ad someone else can buy the badge!

If it’s after the refund date, then the badge is set. It’s already at the printer. If this happens, we have an on-site solution!

On-site badge services Policy

Did you lose your badge? Get a badge from a friend that has their name on it? Have some other badge-related issue? Come to Badge Services at Geekway HQ.

Lost badges: if you lose your badge, badge services can create a new badge for you. You will need proof that you are who you say you are – badge confirmation, ID, etc. Your lost badge will be deactivated, the barcode canceled from the system, and you will get a new badge with a new badge number. Your original door prize tag will still be valid, and you will not get a new one.

NOTICE: Play and Win plays on a lost badge are not eligible to win, and will not be transferred to the new badge. Play and Win plays on your replacement badge ARE eligible.

Badge Transfers: if your badge needs to be transferred to a new name, bring the badge and the attached tab to Badge Services. Badge Services will create a new badge and tab for you.

Lost Badges and Badge Transfers are both subject to a $5 fee.