The most important rule of Geekway to the West is to have fun! That said, we do have a few policies to follow.

Partial Admissions – Admissions are one price and valid for all four days.

Children – As with all attendees, our goal is that children and their parents have fun while respecting the enjoyment of others. All attendees 10 and older must have a valid Geekway badge. Children under the age of 10 must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian; minors age 10-17 must have a responsible guardian present at Geekway at all times.

Harassment – Don’t harass the other guests. If you’re being harassed by a guest, please let us know immediately and we will handle it. See our full harassment policy below.

Food, Drinks, and Alcohol – Food and drink in the gaming area must be purchased from the convention center.

Sportsmanship – Don’t be a jerk.

Payment – All badges must be purchased through our online system.

Refunds – You can receive a full refund by requesting one through Tabletop.Events. Refunds are available until the badge file is sent to the printer, around April 1st.

Badges – No swapping/lending of badges is allowed. Badges should be worn prominently at all times.

Lost Items/Theft – Geekway, LLC is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Smoking – In accordance with Hotel Policy and Local Laws, there is no smoking in the convention area.