Miniature Market is an online gaming superstore that supports Geekway by providing thousands of games for us over the years, as well as being one of our vendors.

About Miniature Market

Online Gaming Super Store since 2004

Where did we come from?

Miniature Market has been around since 2004. In the beginning, we were located in Buffalo, New York and we only carried a very limited amount of products, namely a few minis, dice and paints. In 2006, we relocated to St. Louis, Missouri with the goal to become one of the best and largest gaming businesses in the industry. We opened our first retail shop in 2007 and since then have outgrown six different retail/warehouse locations. In 2014, we moved to a massive 60,000 square foot retail/warehouse location. We now carry something for nearly every aspect of gaming: board games, table top games, collectible card games, collectible miniatures, role playing games and sport a wide variety of products from all the major gaming vendors. Miniature Market is proud to have grown into your one-stop shop for all gaming needs.

Why are we the best? Because you say so.

While we are certainly proud of the rapid success and growth in Miniature Market, it isn’t our main objective. Our top priority isn’t necessarily to be the largest, but rather to be the best gaming retailer on the web. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service at the core of our business. From an easy to navigate website, fast shipping, to great product support, we keep our customers in mind with everything we do. In addition to offering up some of the lowest prices on the web, what we think you will enjoy most is dealing with our friendly staff who are ready to answer your emails or phone calls five days a week (Monday through Friday). If you have a question about an order, can’t find something on our site or just need advice on what to purchase – our staff would love to hear from you!

Where are we going?

In 2004, we carried 500 different products. In 2008, we carried 4,000 different products. In 2011, we grew to over 18,000, but we didn’t stop there. In 2014, our selection has grown to over 30,000 different products to choose from! We will continue this expansion in the coming years, so you can look forward to an ever-expanding selection of products, and as always the most new and exciting games at the best prices on the internet!

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